Monday, December 24, 2007

The first Christmas

Hello all,

We pray that you all are feeling the loving glow of Christ's birthday.

On this very special day, the three of us would like to wish you all of God's blessings! We think back on the blessings of this year, and are amazed! Not that it could compare to the miracle of Jesus' birth, but our little miracle is making this year ( and all the rest of them) awesome! We are in awe many times!

We again thank the many people who think of Chloe and, we agree, she is an amazing miracle!

We pray for all waiting adoptive parents, those who are traveling as we write this, and those who have come home. We also pray for all the children who are waiting. Trust that God is with you and He is graciously in charge of everything.


Les, Sarah, and Chloe

Merry Christmas 2007

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Judy said...

Merry Christmas to you. Choloe's hair is so long already. Hope to see you guys when we are back in LA. Happy new year!