Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Time to give an update!

After the Pasadena Marathon. Only Daddy ran it....Chloe was there to cheer him on.

Auntie Em and Grandpa taking a nap....or are they??

Christmas with Grandma Schaefer

Chloe also loves sticker books!

Our engineer! Legos are her latest enjoyment!

Chloe got some flamingos for Christmas.

Chloe loves eating Popsicles!

It is story time.

Fun at the park with Mommy!

Happy Birthday, Chloe and Les!!

Our little cowgirl!

Hello all,

Sorry it has taken so long to update. Things are busy, as with all of you.

Our family enjoyed a blessed Christmas. Since it was the first one in our new home ( a year old, last weekend!) , we had plenty of room to have the tree, presents, and room to play with them. Grandma Schaefer came out to visit and we had a great time.

Our Easter was also very blessed. We had a great group of 14 people over for the celebration of Christ's resurrection!

Chloe is involved in gymnastics, crafts, writing words, and learning everything she can think of ( from bones to maps)! She also can say the Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord's Prayer all by herself. She is quite an amazing girl....and our family has a blessed life!!!

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Betty said...

What beautiful photos and memories! Thank you so much for sharing them with us. It looks as though you are all happy and healthy, as it should be. Enjoy each day that the Lord has made!
Love you all!
Betty Monson (aka "Mrs. Monson")