Thursday, April 26, 2007

April 25,2007

Waiting is the hardest part about adoption. It would seem that after the long waiting for an unknown child's referral, it would be easier now. Not the case. Now that we have a little girl, looking at her picture can be happy or sad. Think of how it would be if you were separated from your child and not watching it grow. At times like these, it is best to think on two things. One, Sarah and I are blessed to have each other. God blesses us daily and we constantly say to each other how blessed we are. Second, we think of how closer we are than a month ago. Back then, we were getting pretty discouraged. The happiness of the referral day needs to be in our minds whenever we get lonely for Chloe.

Meanwhile, we are doing alot of planning, shopping, and putting together furniture!

Thank you for all your thoughts and continue to pray for us!

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