Wednesday, April 4, 2007

april 4,2007

This is our first post on Chloe's blog. Wow! That sounds so strange. After waiting for a child since July 2006, it is nice to write such a sentence. Another suprise was that we were expecting a boy. We did not specify boy or girl....and the agency said that girls take more time to get. So, we had the boy name picked out and even were referring to the baby in December as a boy. On March 26,2007 a referral of a girl 4 months old is available. One look at the picture and we knew she was ours! Her name came around a week later....since we did not have it ready for the referral day.

We will be traveling to get her anytime from June 2007 to August 2007. She was born on November 20,2006 ...the day after daddy's birthday!

So, now we are busy getting her room ready and preparing for her arrival.

God has blessed us indeed! We can see the light ahead of us and He is guiding us to a child He picked out for us long ago.


Emily said...

Les and Sarah finally have their baby girl! They have been so patient and prayerful in waiting. We all knew she would come, but we didn't know she would be so perfect! Now we are getting ready for the baby shower- red, yellow and stars. Chloe will be so sooo spoiled. :)

Squirrel11 said...

Congratulations Sarah and Les!!! She is a beautiful baby girl. Les, she will have you wrapped around your little finger in no time. Some day she will ask you, "Daddy, can I have a horse?", and part of you will think, "Well, why not? Sounds like a reasonable request." Have fun painting the baby's room!

Jason, Heather, Emma, David, & Timmy

KimmyAnn said...

Sarah and Les,

She is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Tim and I are so very happy for you both. And the name is so precious. Can't wait to see you and congratulate you in person at the next HAI class.

Kimberly Burnett

GG said...

I look at her picture many times each day and long to hold her, kiss her, and spend time with her. She is waiting for us too. What an incredible blessing from God!

Grandma Gloria

Chad & Julie said...

Congratulations Sarah and Les! We are very excited for all 3 of you. We know this new addition will bring constant joy to both of you.

Chloe is very cute and we can't wait to meet her!

We pray for your safe travels and hope the call comes soon!

Chad and Julie

gnbmonson said...

Sarah & Les ~
What an absolutely beautiful daughter! You have so many wonderful times ahead of you as parents; get ready for life in the fast lane and blessing upon blessing!
Galen & Betty

Hellen Raney said...

Hello Les and Sarah,
Congrats on your new baby, she is beautiful.
I am a stranger, a friend of Julie.
We have a little girl, Melissa, she is from China.
God bless you. Time flies, before you know it, she will be in your hand. Enjoy your shopping for her clothes and room.
Hellen Jim Melissa Raney

Leo said...

Sarah and Les,

Congratulations on the new (soon to be) arrival! She is so adorable, we can't wait to see pictures of the family together. We were so happy to hear the good news from grandma gloria regarding the new addition months ago. She will be well-loved in her new family.

Parenthood is such a priveledge and life-altering experience and not a day goes by where you won't smile and giggle inside at the thought of your little one.

Leo, Cindy, Drew and Tyler

dougandpatty said...

Les and Sarah,

God is wonderful and gracious. Chloe is beautiful!!! She has a beautiful smile and that smile will fill your hearts with joy and love for all eternity. God has blessed you throught this journey, and may he bless you as you travel to bring her home to a waiting family. Congratulations to you both and to your families.

Love, Doug and Patty

dougandpatty said...
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