Thursday, March 27, 2008

easter 2008

Hello all,

It seems a long time since we wrote here. I guess with a 16 month old, there is no good time to write.

Easter was very special for our family. Last easter, we just received the news about our new baby girl waiting for us in Quan Nam. It was a very joyous day. But this easter was more joyous having her in our laps in church ( when she wasn't walking around pulling hymnals and Bibles out of the pews).

This past week, March 26, was the anniversary of receiving her picture, etc. We decided to go to Wahoo Tacos restaurant to celebrate. Last year, Mommy and Daddy went there after leaving the agency. We spent alot of time remembering that day and sharing the stories with Chloe. She may not have understood this year, but next year maybe she will.

We are very blessed!

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Judy said...

what a pretty little girl. Love the dress.