Sunday, March 16, 2008

Readoption day!

Hello all,

Today, I am glad to say that Chloe has had her named changed officially by the U.S. courts. Until now, all legal records had her Vietnamese name. We had to more paperwork and have an appointment with a judge to change her name and have a California birth certificate with Chloe Lieu Schaefer and Sarah and I her parents.

It was a great day! Grandpa and GG Schmutzer were able to be there and take alot of pictures.

From now on, when she goes to the doctor, etc. she will have her records as Chloe Lieu Schaefer!!

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dianedmclaw said...

My goodness that Cloe is cute! Congratulations on completing the last round of bureaucratic stuff for Cloe. We have yet to do that.

Diane & Clara