Sunday, July 29, 2007

Day 3 - - The excitement mounts


Well, it is now Monday morning. We slept later than yesterday, but it seems that we start thinking about our big day very early in the morning ( like 3 AM). At that point, we just try to sleep as much as possible until 6 AM.

Da Nang is very different from Saigon. Moutain ranges, big river, and we are pretty sure we saw the South China Sea. The motorbikes are still around...but not as many of them. We are still glad we let other people do the driving.

Last night when we arrived, we went to the orphanage for the other families. They just left for the receiving ceremony! Chloe's orphanage is an hour away from this city, so we did not visit last night. The orphanage we saw had many caring, smiling, friendly caregivers. All the children looked healthy. We also got a reality check for tomorrow. Babies cry alot when they are given to strangers. We are all prepared for the adjustment process, though.

We received pictures of Chloe this morning that were about two weeks old. The first picture had her STANDING , holding on to a crib. She is going to be pretty active around the hotel, I guess. She looks great, has alot of hair, and has that same peaceful look on her face like all the other pictures here.

We are taking it easy this morning and going out to look around.


KelleyO said...

woo hoo only one more day!!!

Chad said...

Wow, almost there Sarah and Les!
Can't wait! You must be so excited I'm surprised you are sleeping at all.

Julie & Chad