Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Getting ready in one week

Well, it is pretty interesting getting ready for this trip in one week. Good thing we got paperwork to San Francisco last Friday because our VISA did not arrive until today. Even the agency was concerned about getting it in time.

We have had very few hours to do things other than trip stuff since last Thursday. Chloe's bag has more in it than our sutcase which includes both of our stuff. Then again, 100 diapers and enough baby stuff for two weeks will take up a lot of space.

We receive information about the trip each day...and still we don't know everything. At this point the only thing we know for sure is that we will arrive in Saigon on July 28, leave for Danang on the 29, have our receiving ceremony on the 31. Chloe's orphanage is an hour and a half away from Danang, and it sounds like we will visit the orphanage.

That is all we know about the trip so far. We are scheduled to leave Hanoi on August 11. However, if Chloe's VISA is not done on the 10th, we may have to stay a couple days later.

This will be our last update until arrival in Saigon. We arrive at 9 AM.


droccadnoh said...

Good luck! You can buy rain ponchos over there for cheap so no need to bring any with you.

Judy said...

have a safe journey.