Tuesday, July 31, 2007

day 4 - - the new parents!

Hello all,

I am pleased to let you know that the new Schaefer family is safe and healthy! We left the hotel at 7 AM for a 2 hour drive to the orphanage. It is located in the more rural area. Saw many rice fields and people with water buffalo.

We pulled up to the orphanage around 9 and were greeted by 10 or so children ages 5 to 8. Very excited to see visitors. Chloe was brought out....with no tears. She looked exactly like all the pictures....we even have her red checkerboard scarf that is on her head in pictures on this blog.

We spent 20 minutes at the orphanage, then went to the government office for the ceremony. Very nice ceremony. Papers were signed, pictures taken, and speeches given.

We then went back to the orphanage and stayed there an hour while our escort went to get Chloe's VISA paperwork started. At this point of the day, Chloe is now legally ours!

Nice visit and we took around 30 pictures there alone. Chloe got to spend some last minute time with her caregivers.

She slept the whole ride back to the hotel. No tears, nothing!

Well, we knew that would not last long. In the room, she realized what happened and got a bit upset. It did not last that long. We risked going to the restaurant in the hotel, since the two of us did not eat much yet today. Chloe ate some cereal before we went. It was good that we did go, because she found all these new toys like spoons, straws, etc.

She is taking a nap now, which is nice for all of us.

You will be amazed how she is doing normal 8 month old things! The caregivers spent so much time with these children. They are really talented and caring. Her development seems to be right on target.

I am sure tomorrow there will be some smiles. But for now, we are happy she is holding on tight to us, and taking in all the love.


KelleyO said...

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you!

GG said...


GG said...

This is like a storybook fairytale. We are ecstatic!!! She is so beautiful. Her eyes are so intense as if she is looking into your soul. She looks like she belongs with you. Can't wait to hold her.

droccadnoh said...
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droccadnoh said...

Sorry... something happened on the last post. It was supposed to say, CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Chad said...

Hi Sarah, Les, and Chloe,

We are so happy for you! Finally you have her. Please give Chloe a big hug for us and we will see you soon!

Julie & Chad

Nanart said...

Les and Sarah:
Oh My God, she's beautiful!!!! Once again the tears are flowing!!! I'm so glad it's going so smooth. Can't wait to meet her.

Nfancy (yes, you read that right, just for you Sarah)

Judy said...

congratulations!!!! Thank you for sharing the photos. It is so nice to see you guys holding her in your arms...


jon_kindschy said...

Wonderful! We are very, very happy for all three of you.
Jon and Peggy

Margi said...


So excited for you!!

Love the pictures,