Monday, September 26, 2011

Arrival of Megan!

Good morning all,

We are pleased to tell you that the Schaefer family is 4 - - - officially!

Sleeping Sunday night was, of course difficult.  Sarah and I remember all to well the nervous feelings we had that kept us awake alot. 

Woke up finally at 6 am.  Had breakfast....actually eating somewhat this time around.

Took taxi to St. Lucy Center and arrived a half hour early.   Very pretty center!  We were taken into the main room for meetings, and were asked for the clothes Megan would wear today.  Sarah gave them one of the 12 months clothes we had.  Nanny came back and said that they did not fit!  Our baby Megan was in size 18 months!  Luckilly, we had one 18 month old outfit.

Spent time getting alot of info on Megan, and then met her!  She was a bit overwhelmed...and cried.  Really did not want to see Daddy.  After about 15 minutes and it was just us, and the nanny, Megan calmed down.  Was willing to be held by Mommy and Daddy.

Had lunch at center with very tasty dumplings.  Taxi to train station at 12 pm

Train to Taipei was very soothing to Megan.  We enjoyed spending time bonding.

Arrived in Taipei and found out our hotel was right next to train station.

Ate comfort food , Mc Donalds for dinner.

Daddy had to go out and find clothes for baby Megan.  After help from very nice hotel staff, Daddy found some clothes.

Sleeping was ok. Megan was awake and fussy at 4 am. 

She is adjusting well.  Eats great.  Working with us on getting a different schedule for eating and sleeping.

Love to all


aldebaran said...

Thanks for posting! I'm so excited for you; she's got such a wonderful family.

Mei-Lun said...

Congratulations! I'm glad we weren't the only ones to arrive early. :o) Hope everything goes smoothly!

RCFoodie said...

This brings back great memories. Can't wait to see her! Hope that you were able to find some matching clothes Les! :)