Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday in the park

Wednesday began early again.  We have figured out Megan's sleeping patterns finally, and are sleeping pretty good now.  Still, getting up around 5 am.  Early job of constipation duty for us all before breakfast.

We found out that there was a park within walking distance of the hotel.  It was great to soak up some of the local sites....Taiwan style gazebos, alot of food shops, and the many Chinese advertisement signs that are lining every street .  Chloe found a playground and had a lot of fun.

Megan takes an afternoon nap, so most of our days have that keeping us around the hotel.

Got VISA, and are ready to go tomorrow.

Caring for both girls is taking up all sightseeing time.  The main priority is them and getting us safely home.  Anyways, we like the local, fun activities better!

Most nights we fall asleep very early.  Really tired most days.

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