Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tuesday--VISA and health issues

Tuesday began early again.  We had an appointment with immigration for 8 am.  Paperwork was in good order.  Process lasted about an hour and a half.

Megan pretty cranky at appointment and feel asleep while being walked and calmed down.

The afternoon was spent trying to get Megan to be healthier.  She had the worst case of constipation, and we spent 2 hours trying to help her go.  After that, we were all pretty drained.

Spent the rest of the day and evening giving her foods to get her more regular, trying to keep her and Chloe ( who is getting pretty tired of the trip) happy, and going out to look for more need items for Megan.

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RCFoodie said...

Hi guys, I'm sorry i'm probably leaving this message a little too late for this episode, but in the future... try a teaspoon or a little less- of mineral oil in her milk. Works wonders-- does the job fast! ;)