Saturday, September 24, 2011

wow the jetlag!

Hello all,

The airport and flight was very smooth.  We arrived in Taipei at 6 am.  Through customs fast and at hotel ( near airport) by 6:45.  Since we are around 40 minutes from downtown, we had to deal with jetlag more this trip.  Normally, we just go out.   But, Sarah slept all morning, and I fell asleep at 1 pm.  Girls went to bed at 6 pm. and I am up writing at 11 pm.

Chloe and I had fun in the pool.  Good idea to bring swimming clothes.

Chloe's dvd player was a great idea and she is using it alot.

Turned on tv and found the Angel game on live!!  It was in Chineese, and I think that they were showing it cause Hideki Matsui played for the other team.  Wild going across the globe and finding the Angel game.  They were losing in the 9th inning .

Hotel is is overcast most of the time....with wind.

Leave for Tainan by train at 11 am.  In Tainan a couple hours later. 

Very excited....when we have sleep :)  Can't believe we have 36 hours until going to St. Lucy!!

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