Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thurday going home with alot of travel

Thursday began with Megan feeling better.  Did I mention she has molars coming in right now on top of the stress, adjustment, and poop issues?  She is doing great with all of it going on.  Chloe is also dealing with it well.  We went out last night and bought her whatever toy she wanted at the mall. 

Enjoyed our last buffet....will miss them.

Megan loves to eat off our plates!

Did a quick trip to the park ( very hot this morning).  Got a lunch of Taiwan dumplings, tomato soup, and other assortment of tasty items.

Had a last look at the city from the garden on the roof of our hotel.(20  floors), and took taxi an hour to airport.

Found some great decorations for Megan's room at a shop, and had the long flight home.  Megan and Chloe slept almost the whole flight!

Grandparents were waiting for us at airport, and we were all glad to be back together  ... PLUS 1 !

Time to rest.  Great, amazing, blessed, God - led trip.  Would never want to give back these days! 

Our family is now complete...and ready to be happy together for a lifetime!

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Jim Ulvog said...

Thanks be to God for safe travel and the arrival of the newest member of your family.