Thursday, September 15, 2011

Journeys - - - - learning about our Heavenly Father

As we prepare for our trip next week, here are some thoughts.

Our heavenly  Father is loving us every second of every day!  Sometimes, we need to sit and think about how kind and loving He is.  He is with us always...and has a plan for lives that are beyond our understanding.  Many times when we look back, we see how amazing the plan was....and still is.

In 2006, our little Jenna being taken home to Jesus opened a door to start the journey for our girl Chloe.

In 2009, our selling and buying of different houses opened a door to having room for another child.

In 2009, meeting with the head of our agency opened the door to start the journey for our girl Megan.

Being able to do all of this on one income.

Having  guidance from the Holy Spirit to make these decisions. 

God is truly amazing and always present.  Take some time to look back and see His hand in your lives. 

And the best is yet to come when we all are together at Jesus' feet praising Him.

Thanks for following us on the journey!

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