Wednesday, August 8, 2007

day 12 - - change of plans


We received a call last night around 8PM from our escort saying that we would not be going to the medical appointment with the others. Chloe's passport was not ready yet, since her paperwork was begun a day after the other two children. We will be going tomorrow at 1 PM.

This does not effect our second Embassy appointment, though. However, we are not very confident that things will be wrapped up in order to travel on the 11th. We keep praying, though.

So, this morning we slept in late and went out to look at more shops. After a nice lunch with the Lockwoods, we continued shopping until 2 and took a cab home.

The afternoon was supposed to be nap time. However, after a bottle, Chloe was more energetic than ever. So, we played all afternoon.

Not much else going on. Except to say that we are finally getting rain at least once a day. The thunder and lightning is still very far off in the distance, so the rain does not last long. We enjoy it, though.

In fact, walking back to the hotel last night in a mild shower was pretty fun. Chloe was singing all the way!

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KelleyO said...

She sounds like such a happy baby! I'll keep my fingers crossed that things go as planned.