Saturday, August 11, 2007

day 15`- - appointments

Hello all,

It is good that we waited to write this a bit later today.

After a rainy morning, we left to go get some baby formula. It was cooler walking, but when we were done, we still took a cab home.

Chloe is doing fine. We think she is doing major teething right now. She is not as happy as the past couple days, but she is still pretty perfect.

Late this afternoon, we got a phone call saying that we have our medical appointment confirmed for Monday morning. We also are confirmed for the second visa appointment for Monday afternoon. Also for sure is that we will have Chloe's visa on Tuesday! We are officially clear!

Our flight is still leaving on the 18th. We call every day looking for earlier flights and our escort told us today that she will work on it on Monday.

This is very good news. Please thank God for our blessings and pray for a flight earlier than the 18th.


Judy said...

Happy to hear things are going well. praying for you to get an earlier flight home.


John & Lois said...

So happy for the three of you! Am enjoying the pictures and your daily updates. Will be praying for an earlier return flight.