Wednesday, August 15, 2007

leaving saturday the 18


Well, as of yesterday, all families we travelled with are gone. We reminded ourselves of the realities of this trip. Most people have delays. Other families are now here and we are enjoying seeing their children.

Yesterday, we went out to buy more things for home. We got some good things for us and for Chloe's room.

Today, we went to the Army Museum. Very interesting, but hot. Even at 11 AM, we were ready for a rest after an hour and a half. We have many pictures of U.S. planes, tanks, and helicopters captured during the war.

Later today, we hope to go back out and enjoy the afternoon.

Our flight will leave here at 11AM on the 18th, and will land in LA at 2PM.


lockwoodsadopt said...

Hey guys, we are so sorry to hear that you did not get your flights on Thursday. We have been praying for you. We also pray that Chloe likes her plane rides better than her buddy Eli. Take care and know that you will not leave our thoughts and our prayers. Love, The Lockwoods

Judy said...

Have a safe journey home.

Judy and Steve

Judy said...

Hope you are back home safe and sound.