Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A day at the doctor


Today, Mommy and GG took Chloe to the doctor for her first U.S. check up.

Since she has to start from scratch with immunizations, she got three shots today. She has begun with age 2 months. So, Chloe will be getting shots pretty frequently until she catches up. :(

She also needs alot of blood work to check on any other possible diseases she might have. Since we don't have any record of family history, all these tests need to be done. But, we thought she had enough just with shots today.

She cried for 5 minutes at the hospital and then was fine. She even slept well, considering all shots she got.

She is now sleeping through the night in her crib, just like in Hanoi.

Chloe is also moving away from random sounds and saying ga ga, ma ma, and sometimes da da!

Our little girl is growing up so fast already! I keep telling her that I don't want her to walk yet cause I still enjoy my little girl crawling around. Of course, she is not listening and trying hard to keep on her feet as much as possible.

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