Monday, August 27, 2007

Unpacked, sleeping, and work

Hi all,

Sorry we have not written sooner. It took three days just to unpack!

Daddy is back at work today, and Mommy and Chloe woke up to see him off.

Chloe had some problems with jeg lag ( as did all of us). She is now sleeping most of the night. She does not like her crib much right now at night. But, we are doing whatever we can to get some sleep.

Her baptism will be on September 16th. Grandma Schaefer and Aunt Sue will come out to be with us. We are very excited for them to see the new little girl.

Chloe travelled great across the ocean. Daddy was air sick most of the trip back and Mommy did not sleep at all.

We are now just enjoying being home.

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Judy said...

Welcome home. I have been checking your blog, but no new entries till now. Yeah! Glad to hear the update. I also saw your post on Kim/Tim's blog.

Hope Chloe continues to sleep better. Will you be at the Heartsent picnic on the 22nd?

Judy and Steve
(from waiting outside during the Daddy class)