Friday, August 3, 2007

day 7 - - keeping entertained


Today was a good day. Chloe is getting us used to her eating, sleeping, and playing habits. After a great breakfest, we played in the room all morning. It is nice to play with her instead of distracting her so she won't be upset.

Lunch was with the families at a local restaurant.

The afternoons can get long for all of us, when there is no nap. Around 3 we went to the lobby to give all three of us some distraction. Chloe loves to climb on Mommy and Daddy! It makes sense that she gets bored with just the two of us in a room all day. She is used to alot of action and people around.

Evening was spent at a restaurant on the river. All of us enjoyed the warm evening.

Bath time, feeding,and bed followed and wrapped up around 8.


KelleyO said...

I saw some really cute pictures of you guys on Sarah's blog. It looks like you guys are having so much fun!

Julie said...

Hi Sarah and Les,

We are so happy that you can finally relax and enjoy your family time with Chloe. Thanks for updating the blog daily because we reallly enjoy reading it. Also here is the link of tropical fruits in vietnam that I love to eat especially the mangosteen and Longan. I hope you are able to find them and eat a lot for me. :)

Julie and Chad