Wednesday, August 8, 2007

day 13 - - the wait for VISAS

Hi all,

Well, we could not go the the appointment today because Chloe's passport was still not ready. It is arriving today. However, the doctor for physicals is off this afternoon and tomorrow. So, we think it will be Monday.

Also, our second appointment for the VISA to leave the country is delayed at least until Monday the 13th. Possible plans are to have her VISA the morning of the 15th and leave that evening.

Please be patient. We are glad to have support families around us.

So, after all this news this morning, we spent the day around the hotel. Yesterday, Chloe did not get a good nap. Today, she got a good one until 2PM.

This evening we will go out and look at the city some more. It is always nice to find new restaurants. Chloe will have to get used to eating food at home when she gets in the States.

Since we will be later coming home, we have included more pictures, thanks to Kevin!

Love you all!!

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KelleyO said...

Sorry about the delay!