Saturday, August 4, 2007

day 8 - - a morning with the kids


Well, the women of the group decided to go shopping this morning before it got too hot. So, the two dads took care of Chloe, Clara ( daughter of another mom), Eli and Katie ( the two year old). Luckily, the experienced dad of Eli and Katie was there to handle most of the work. It worked out fine, and the women got some good clothes. They began to learn the fine art of negotiating with the shopkeepers.

Daddy and Chloe got some good bonding time.

The afternoon was an adventure into the big city of Hanoi. The three of us did some shopping on the streets. After an hour of sweating, we took a cab ride home.

The evening had a nice meal in the restaurant.

Chloe is now completely mobile. She crawls around a lot and is very happy. Restaurants are now more exciting because she wants to move around so much. More fun for Mommy and Daddy.

We really love our girl and look forward to seeing you.

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