Sunday, August 5, 2007

day 9 - - warm clothes for Chloe

Hello all,

This morning, the three of us went searching for long pants and clothes for Chloe for the plane ride home. On the way over, both Mommy and Daddy had to use blankets to be comfortable.

A cab took us to the big mall. All American stores in a 5 story mall. Unfortunately, the prices were also American. So, we went walking looking for a steet that is known for baby stores. We had a nice walk along the lake, and happened to be at the same restaurant as a couple nights ago.

After lunch, we tried one more time to find the street. We finally found it, but they had no clothes. But, Daddy is getting pretty comfortable crossing the steets with traffic coming at him.

We came home and Chloe took a nice nap. She spent the rest of the afternoon playing and watching the Sound of Music. She really enjoys musicals!

Dinner was with the Lockwoods in the city. We finally found a small shop that had clothes for baby Chloe!

She likes playing more before bed time, and is not as eager to go to sleep as a couple day ago. But, she finally went down and we put her in her crib for the first time at night.

The three of us slept straight through to around 7 AM.

Chloe is doing great and charming anyone she sees!

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KelleyO said...

I have to admit the traffic scares me a little. It's nice to hear how well your family is bonding.