Monday, August 13, 2007

day 17 - - apointmnents done, now what?


Sorry, we did not post yesterday. There really was not much going on.

This morning, we had Chloe's medical exam. She is very healthy ( we already knew that), according to the doctor. She currently weighs 15 pounds. Every day, she is very active.

At 2 PM, the three families went to the second interview at the Embassy. Things got wrapped up and all three children will have their visas for the U.S. by tomorrow afternoon.

The Lockwoods will be on a flight out tomorrow evening.

Currently, we are on a waiting list for the 16th, with holding confirmation for the 18th.

The latter afternoon was spent looking for a flight earlier. Not possible.

So, Mommy said " If we are going to be here anyway, let's live it up!"

So, instead of spending money on new tickets, we will take advantage of the city with a massage at the hotel, buying more souvenirs, etc.

We will still call the airline everyday, and pray that we will at least get a flight on Thursday morning.


Judy said...

So glad to hear things are going well.
Enjoy your massage and shopping!
Have a safe trip home and hope to see you at the Pasadena Picnic on 9/22.


KelleyO said...

You guys have the best attitiude! I'm so happy that Chloe is doing well.